Blog 01

"Belfast Lounge: Here's to good, honest pub grub"

Bona fide pubs with more than commonplace cooking are few and far between and you have to know where to look. I chose from the "traditional" section (of the menu) and the waitress brought me a vast platter of battered halibut, chips and petite pois with tartar sauce sweet as remoulade. In my youth, the very idea of a pub daring to fry fish and chips would have seemed outlandish and presumptuous - you went to the fish and chip shop.....but there's nothing like a pub crawl fro updating your education. The Belfast Lounge brought off the feat with considerable expertise."

James Chatto, Toronto Life Magazine
Blog 04

Friends Feast well in Belfast

"The Belfast Lounge has a catchy slogan "There are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet." Well they just made another friend. I tried the Belfast Steak Pie, which was delicious - melt in your mouth chunks of beef hidden under flaky golden brown pastry. It seemed endless. I never touched the fires so I could save room for dessert: homemade bread pudding. All in all this was an enjoyable trip and I plan to make a second trip in the near future."

Lori McLorn, Dining Out, Mississauga The News
Blog 04

It's a great weekend to be wearing green;

Long lineups snaked outside Irish bars and bartenders struggled to keep up with demands as patrons got the party started for St. Patrick's. John Hill of Pickering, who says he got his sense of rhythm from his tap dancer father, plays the spoons at The Belfast Lounge.

Tabassum Siddiqui, Toronto Star